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Concrete flat work

Footer's - Basement floors - Garage floors - Porches - Patios - Sidewalks
Removeal of old concrete and replace with new, all types of concrete

Basement waterproofing, for new and old houses

Block, stone, poured walls / Interior and exterior

Installer of interior French Drain Recovery Systems with

Sump pumps - Sump pump replacement - Lifetime guarantee on system (material and labor not to clog) - Interior sewage repaired or replaced

Decorative Concrete

Concrete stamping - Stenciled concrete


Block - I.C.F. (see I.C.F. web page (coming soon) ) / Chimney repaired or replaced


Soffit and Fascia - Window Capping - Roofing - Window replacement - Porches and Decks

I.C.F. Foundations

I.C.F. (stands for Insulated Concrete Forms) - Footers with or with out Form-a-Drain

Why I.C.F. foundations are better

Meets all code requirements - Reinforced with rebar - Already insulated - No furring out for studs
Easy for electrical - Time saver - Saves you money on heating costs in future - Multiple floors - Additions for basements and or second, third floors

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